No Single Use Plastic!

Thank you to everyone who made an effort to use no single use plastics today! We saw some great compartment lunchboxes that meant there wasn’t any need for extra wrapping!

Also, thank you to everyone who is taking their own litter home with them to help us reduce our school waste.

There is an article in the Irish Times today all about the ban of single use plastics in Irish schools. Our very own Susan Adams contributed! Check it out here –

REMEMBER!! Tomorrow is WOW day – come to school by green method and we’ll see which class has the majority to win the Golden Boot!



Green Week!

Welcome to day one of Green Week!

The Green Committee are hard at work all week preparing different themes across the week.

Today, we gave out a sustainability quiz from Senior Infants all the way to 6th class. Hand in the completed quiz (both sides!) to your class teacher by Thursday at the latest, and we will collect them. A winner from each class will be announced in assembly on Friday, and prizes will be given!

DON’T FORGET!! Tomorrow is NO SINGLE USE PLASTIC day. So that means no wrappers, no cling film, nothing that is tossed straight in the bin after you use it.

Thank you for making our community a more sustainable place!

The Green Committee IMG_0655


First class did some amazing work on Biodiversity last week! They learned all about the different living things that are in our environment and how important they all are.

Thank you so much to the garden committee for coming in and working with different classes. Your work is so important for our school.IMG_1110

St Patrick’s weekend

Happy St Patrick’s Day from the Green Committee! On this particularly green weekend, we’d like to remind you to GO GREEN!

– Walk, cycle or take a bus to your parade –

– Bring a water bottle and reusable cup with you wherever you go so you don’t have to buy plastic bottles of water or take away cups –

– Save your St. Patrick’s day costumes and decorations for next year to reuse them –

– With the evenings staying brighter for longer, remember to only turn on the lights when it is not bright –

Finally … A big WELL DONE to every member of the Green Committee for their participation in our Green Schools Inspection on Wednesday.


Green Flag and Golden Boot!

Happy Friday everybody! As you all know, we have our green schools inspection next week for the renewal of our flag. Please can all pupils from 3rd to 6th class complete the following two short surveys.

Thank you to those who have already completed it 🙂

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the Golden Boot for February – Senior Infants and 6th class.

REMEMBER — green methods of travel are much better for the environment, and a great way to save energy! Everyone should be travelling green whenever they can!


Golden Boot

Well done to Senior Infants and 5th class – our Golden Boot winners for January! They were the classes who had the most children come to school by green method.

Remember to use a green method of transport as often as you can!

  • Cycle
  • Walk
  • Scoot
  • Bus
  • Carpool

We can’t wait to see more people use green methods of transport as the mornings get brighter!

Energy Savers, World Changers!

Part of the Green Committee’s message to the Kill o the Grange community this year is that when we save energy, we can change the world. Saving energy is one small way that we can help prevent climate change. The Green Committee have bought a gift of a book all about weather, climate and climate change. This book will visit each class for a week. Keep your eyes  and ears open for your turn!

The Green Committee will also be conducting an energy audit of each classroom over the next few days. Make sure to ONLY use the energy you NEED! The winner will get the first golden lightbulb of the year!


Walk on Wednesday

Well done to 1st and 5th class, the winners of the Junior and Senior Golden Boots for Term 1. We will be giving the award of the Gold Boot at the end of every month this term to the Junior and Senior class who are the best at coming to school by green method.

  • Cycle
  • Walk
  • Park and Stride
  • Scoot
  • Carpool